The John Meadows Birthday Photowalk

Scenes from the John Meadows birthday photowalk a few weeks ago and it was a select group from the Toronto Film Shooters Facebook group, some Classic Camera Revival and Defend the Darkroom postcast co-hosts. It was a more direct walk between the Rooster Coffee House and the Stout Irish Pub but you can thank the cold premature winter weather for that. I rolled with my stalwart cold weather kit the black Nikon FM, this camera has never let me down when the temperatures drop.

We'll be doing this walk again in the spring for sure. 

Camera: Nikon FM, Nikkor lenses.
Film: Ilford HP5 400, HC110 B,

Downtown Toronto, From the Other Side of the Don Valley

Patient Retriever_

St. Matthew's Clubhouse

Paulette John and Marielle_

Busy on the DVP on Saturday

Stump on the Fence

Trash Panda in the Tree

One Path is Closed for the Season

Riverdale Farm One

Rustic Fenced Path

Riverdale Farm Residence

Riverdale Farm Two

Riverdale Bulls

Riverdale Park Path

Park Snacks on the Corner Closed for the Season

Park Snacks Entrance

One Twenty One One Nineteen

103 101

Apartment Fire Escapes

Apartment Fire Escapes on Winchester

Jet Fuel Coffee Shop Sign_


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