Boyne Valley Provincial Park, an Early Fall Visit.

 Boyne Valley is considered "moderate" in terms of Bruce Trail hikes, depending on your level of physical conidtioning it could a be a serious 8.5 km long trek with a lot of up and down through some of the most beautiful landscape in Southern Ontario. My friend Nicole and I had a good long walk through some pre-fall colours landscape on the first cool fall day. The big thing with this hike and I like to put the fear into anyone coming along for the first time, because once you start, you are committed to the whole loop which takes a couple of hours. If you're in decent shape, you'll come out the other end slightly achy but in a blissful state of mind from all the forest oxygen. 

I took my Nikon F90 and AF-D 28-105 zoom lens. with me on this hike and used Kodak Portra 400. I was pleasently surprised, I usually struggle with this film in terms of scanning and colour correction. I had the F90 on 3D Colour Matrix metering and apertuer priority. Everything looked almost perfect right off the mark. 

Camera: Nikon F90, AF-D Nikkor 28-105 F3.5-4.5 zoom lens. 

Film: Kodak Portra 400. 

Pirnce of Wales Road Curve Boyne Valley Access Trail_ Trees in the Field Boyne Valley Access Trail Through the Meadow Murphy's Pinnicle Lookout Murphy's Pinnicle Lookout View Murphy's Pinnicle Lookout Path Down is Steeper than it Looks Murphy's Pinnicle Lookout Access Path Down_ Bruce Trail Looking Toward Niagara Falls Bruce Trail In the Trees_ Wooden Path over the Boyne Valley Muck Foot Bridge North End over the Boyne River Boyne River 09 20 Bridge Across the Boyne Bridge Across the Boyne Two Second Bridge Across the Boyne_ Wooden Path over More Boyne Valley Muck Bruce Trail theough the Tree Wild Black Eyed Susans_ Splash of Green With the Tree Trunks._ Looking North on Frist Line East


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