Uxbridge and the Nikon F100

 The Nikon F100 is a very powerful camera, and it earns the nickname of F5 lite honestly. With the 28-105 lens, you can easily head use this for travel. With the added bonus the camera using AA batteries, you won't be in the lurch when the juice runs out. Sadly the F6 went with CR123 lithium batteries so if you're in the middle of nowhere, having spares is mandatory. 

In some ways my kit for my annual NLP Muskoka retreat has morphed, running with a pair of lenses, the 28-105 and the 70-210 telephoto zoom, I just shaved a ton of weight off the kit that goes into the backpack. Run with the F100 kit for colour and a Rolleiflex for black and white. Something to ponder until next year. 

I still want a Nikon autofocus pro body, most likely the F5 but part of me, if a huge pile of money fell into my lap would just say fuck it, I'm only here once, get the F6 and some AF-S or G glass, I'll have to live with the lithum batteries, but if you can swing the camera financially, batteries shouldn't be a huge concern. 

As for the subject matter Downtown Uxbridge was the perfect subject for trying out a new to me camera. 

Camera: Nikon F100, AF-D 28-105 F3.4-4.5 lens. 

Film: Kodak Ektar 100. 

HH Goode and Son East Buildin HH Goode and Son West Buildin Blue Door Red Wall_ Valient One_ Valient Grille Decorative Gourd Display Season Fall Decorative Display Season The Roxy Partly in the Shade The Roxy is Sleeping Town LIbrary_ Downtown Uxbrdige Big Dig._ Downtown Uxbridge Storefronts_ Path Across the Big Dig_ Uxbridge Stores_ Uxbridge Stores Two_ Uxbridge Side Street


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