Nikon F4 Returns.

 Other Nikon fans will disagree with me on this, but I consider the Nikon F4 the last manual focus pro body they made provided you ignored the continued production of the F3 concurantly but I'm wandering. The F4 is an insanely brilliant example of industrial design with two flaws, one that isn't the end of the world which was that lazy autofocus point, simple just use manual focus lenses. The other is the dreaded LCD bleed which hit my camera bad with the lower read out. 

My F4 sat for a while until I found you by replacing the DP-20 prism head you fix the lower LCD readout problem as that's built in. One was ordered from Japan, delivered to my door, it came in around $160 CAD way cheaper than any fix, if any repair tech wanted to go down that garden path. Once the new prism was installed I loaded a roll of Portra 160 my friend John Meadows gifted me and I wandered around downtown Oakville to try things out. 

I metered in matrix mode and it delivered nicely. In the end I made a last minute choice running with my F4 as part of my annual Muskoka photography retreat. You will have to wait on the results on that later this fall. Shooting colour film on an F4 is a dream. 

Camera: Nikon F4, Nikkor AIS 50 F1.8 lens. 

Film: Kodak Portra 160. 

Nikon F4 Fifty Three Thomas Front Door Canadian Flag on White Porch Rainbow Sidewalk at Navy Sept 2021 Mellow Yellow Volvo 240 Vintage Mercedes 3 Door G Wagon The Fall DTOakville Hashtag Little Free Library on Navy St Three Saile Boats on the 16 Sailboats on the West Side of the 16 On the 16 in September TOWARF Boat All Moored Up Erchliss on the Hill and Behind the Tree Erchliss on the Hill Erchliss on the Hill Two Historic Cottage in the Park Two Black Forest Bakery Ginerbread Men Black Forest Bakery Halloween Cookies Black Mercedes Coupe Black Eyed Susans Holding On


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