A Tale of Two Voigtlander 50's in Oakville

 A tale of two modern "Nifty Fifties" from Voigtlander, both Leica Screwmount, which means you can use both lenses, on Barnack Leicas, Canon Rangefinders, and other copies. The Color Skopar is a 50 F2.5 lens, with compact dimensions and would be at home on any Barnack Leica, love shooting with it on my IIIG and will live on that body. While slightly "slower" than F2, the Color Skopar is very sharp lens, and at the time of release had a mixed reputation, over time has been rehabilitated with several users including myself. I shot a roll of black and white with the Color Skopar on my IIIG almost a month ago and loved the results and wondered why people were dumping on this lens. Look, the real proof is how does the negative print either from a darkroom print or scanned and printed via inkjet or some other media. At say 11x14 that's where the true performance lies. 

Now, the 50 F1.5 Nokton is a different beast, it's a big lens, with a 52mm filter thread, yet doesn't block the rangefinder in a Canon 7s, I have not tried it on a Leica M body yet. Honestly any 50 F1.5 Nokton lens is worth buying, either Leica Screw Mount and Leica M Mount. The Nokton 50 F1.5 has a creamy look to it, and from I understand this is the descendent of the original Voightlander 50 F1.5 that was on their Prominent camera, and also available in Leica Screw Mount. If you are one of those lucky souls who found Opa's camera gear and there was a clean and well cared for OG Voightlander 50 F1.5 Nokton in Leica screwmount, I hate you! 

That said both the Color Skopar and Nokton are worth your attention, and very capable lenses worth adding to your arsenal. 

Both the 50 F2.5 Color Skopar and 50 F1.5 Leica screw mounts can be had for about the same price, around $700 CAD. 

Camera: Canon 7S, Voigtlander Color Skopar 50 F2.5, 50 F1.5 Nokton Lenses. 

Film: Kodak Gold 200, processed at Burlington Camera. 

Photos from the 50 F2.5 Color Skopar Lens. 

Cairncroft Road Looking North Late May 2024 Cairncroft Road Looking South Late May 2024 Favourite White Two Story on Cairncroft Late May 2024 Cairncroft Through the Green_ Peter West May 2024 Gairloch After Dinner May 2024 Gairloch House After Dinner May 2024 Gairloch Path to the Parking Lot May 2024 Oakville Camera Club at Gairloch May 2024 Gairloch Main House Late May 2024 

Photos taken with the Voighlander 50 F1.5 Nokton Lens. 

         53 Navy Late May 2024 Thomas and Lakeshore Late May 2024 Shanghai Alley and Patio Late May 2024 Purple Petunia Display Late May 2024 Jaguar F Type Black Cat Late May 2024 Twin Houses on Renyolds Late May 2024 Kerr St. Variety and Halal Grill and Grocery Kerr St. and Florance May 2024 Golden Leaf Corner Old Oakville Front door and Shrubs Old Oakville Brick House at the Corner of Trafalger and William_ Little Red Corvette 2024 Edition Lakeshore Road East of Trafalger Big Ass Gelato Cone_ Black Vette in the Sun #DTOAKVILLE Afternoon May 2024 Red Muskoka Chair and Flower Display May 2024 Tree and Petunia Showing Al Fresco Dining at the Former Seasons Restaraunt


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