The Light Lens Lab Elcan 50 F2 lens and Canon 7sZ.

 I was in Toronto for a meeting at my condo thst got cancelled due to my paint contractor getting sick, not to waste a day, I decided to play tourist in the city and head to the Distillery District. I picked up at Canon 7sZ from my birth year and test the Elcan 50 f2 lens (in LTM mount) with colour film in this case, Gold 200. 

The Light Lens Lab Elcan 50 f2 lens (a bit of a mouthful), is a faithful copy of a 54 year old Leica Canada made lens that was coupled with a beefed up M-4 for a US Department of Defence contract specifically the US Army. The KE-7A as a set goes for a well equipped brand new VW Golf GTI, that is if you can find one. In the end, the Elcan 50 is a four element in four groups not of which are cemented, like civilian lenses. In the end the LHSA (Leica Historical/Hysterical Society of America) went gaga for this lens. In reality with lanthanite glass, we have a brand new 54 year old lens made with 21 century manufacturing techniques. 

Does it replace the 50 F2 Summicron? No, the LLL Elcan 50 F2, is a extremely well built budget alternative to a very rare lens, you can't get your hands on even if you had the money by someone who cares. The main competitor for the new Elcan 50 f2 is from Voigtlander in the classic Ultron line. 

Camera: Canon 7sZ, Light Lens Lab Elcan 50 f2 lens. 

Film: Kodak Gold 200, processed by Burlington Camera. 

Crossing Cherry St. Streetcar Tracks_ Tankhouse Lane May 2024 Rackhouse Mews Dining_ Tank House Lane Dining_ Artisan Chocolate Fresh Coffee Fine Tea Honey and Jam Love Locks 2024 Lounging on Trinity St Trinity St at the District Entrance Hanging out by the Trinity St. Clock Rusted Truck by Balzac's_ Corner of Distillery and Trinity Sts. May 2024 Walking Past Pink Muskoka Chairs Patio Lanterns in the Alley Aqua Muskoka Chairs in the Sun Middle of the Distillery District May 2024 Metal Peace Symbol with Flowers Arched Doorway Barrels on a Wagon in the Lane Big Metal Peace Sign Centre of the Distillery District at Trinity St East Side of Trinity St Bakery Patio on Trinity Spirithouse Toronto Middle of Mill St. Looking Toward Downtown Love on Tankhouse Lane


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