May TFS/TAF Photowalk and The Continuing Story Where Miserable Weather Makes Great Photos Part Two (Of course the skies clear after the walk ends.

 Of course the skies clear off after the walk ends but it makes for a lovely walk back to Jo-Anne's. By the time I got to Erskine blue skies were in a full force. 

It was also Doors Open weekend and after checking out the Toronto Camera Club, they still have their darkroom and while I was planning to join them in the fall, I realized this solves a lot of problems. I chatted with the darkroom chair, and I felt like, this must be the place. After the tour, the skies cleared off and it was sunshine for the rest of the day. 

Camera: Nikon SP, Nikkor S Mount Nikkor S 50 f1.4 lens. 

Film: Fujifilm Superia 400. 

Line 1 to St Clair May 2024 Davisville TTC Subway Station May 2024 Line 1 Southbound  Out of Davisville May 2024 Yonge St. Looking Up to Davisville May 2024 Yonge St. Looking South to St. Clair May 2024 214 Merton St Red lantern Pub May 2024 Merton St. Looking East May 2024 Pailton Crecesent Curve May 2024 Lost Midtown Bodega May 2024 Pailton Crecesent Saturday Walk May 2024 Davisville Semis May 2024 Elephant in June Rowlands Park May 2024 Bread and Butter Along With Starving Artist Belsize House Corner_ Regent Late May 2024 Flowers and the Patio May 2024 Floral Mural east of Mt. Pleasant Floral Mural West of Mt. Pleasant Circle K on the Corner Strip Retail on Redpath on Borrowed Time Checking Texts by the Blue Meanie Apartments on Broadway Highrise Condo on Erskine Rental Highrise Project on Broadway Apartment Balconies on Erskine


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