Cabbagetown, a Return

I led a photowalk with the Toronto Film Shooters Facebook Group two weekends ago and it was a blast. Unlike the dry run, I shot only black and white, now, I started off with Rollei Retro 400s but then switched to Fomapan 400 for the second roll. Up until now,  I've been exposing Fomapan 400 at 250 ISO when processing with HC110 dilution B and Xtol stock solution. The result would be a gritty old school Kodak Tri-X look from the 1960s and '70s. Loved the tonality and grittiness but Classic Camera Revival ringleader Alex Luyckx played around with Fomapan 400 in medium format and discovered how it behaved in different developers.

How to put this, Fomapan 400's true ISO is really dependent on your choice of developer. When you use Tmax at 1+4 dilution, you get box speed and more shadow detail. You know what, Fomapan 400 looks fabulous in Tmax developer.

Camera: Nikon F2a, Nikkor Ai 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Fomapan 400, Tmax 1+4.

Home in a Cabbagetown Alley

Cabbagetown Bodega_

James Lee on Parliament_

Cabbagetown Architecture

In Front of Jet Fuel_

Cabbagetown Home Hardware

Walking Past Daniel et Daniel

Endangered Payphone

Cabbagetown Arched Front Doors


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