Asahi Pentax KM and The Abused Roll of Film.

I think my K mount kit is complete, a KX, a recently acquired K2 and now this lovely black KM. I had a black KX and chrome ME Super but they left in a partial trade for a Nikon F2A, another blog post.

Using the KM, it is a fully featured K1000, or a Spotmatic F with a K mount minus a shutter lock. Either way, it's open aperture metering with your lens cap as the off switch. The meter underexposes two stops but with sunny 16 and 100 ISO film it was pretty easy getting the exposure right.

Ok, another blatant plug for Kosmo Mono 100 (you're welcome Mr. Dowling), ever have that one roll where nothing is going to plan and you still get decent results?  This particular roll of Kosmo Mono 100 was that roll of film. First off it didn't want to go on Patterson reel properly, got that fixed and into the tank it went. I developed and stopped but forgot to fix so when I pulled the film off the reel I was wondering why silver was still on the base, then I looked at the fix graduate with my inner voice saying fuck. I fixed the roll and re-rinsed the film and for some reason only putting hot water on.

Catching that and swearing some more, took the negative off the reel to dry, it looked ok, scanned the next day and here we go. Kosmo Mono 100 is a durable film that could survive a blonde moment. Not that I would recommend abusing Kosmo Mono 100 or any other emulsion for that matter. Some shots are a little grainier than usual for a 100 ISO film but nothing serious.

Asahi Pentax KM, SMC Pentax K lenses.
Film: Kosmo Mono 100, Rodinal 1+50.

Asahi Pentax KM

Northbound Train at the Rosedale Subway Station_

On Alymer Looking West Towards Belmont

Yonge Looking Towards Belmont_

Paris Grocery and Crosswalk

Cafe Seats in teh Shade

Waiting for the Light to Change Yonge and Crescent Road

Yonge St. Courtyard


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