Friday Night in Oakville

I went to Midnight Madness for the first time in a really long time (10-15 years), I wanted to do some street photography. Midnight Madness is a long time street festival put on by the downtown BIA, kicking off summer clearance sales with local retailers and restauarants set up temporary patios on Lakeshore Road. This has been going on for decades. 

Well reality creeps in, street festivals are a big soft target for someone with an axe to grid with society.  Midnight Madness was fortified with salt trucks and other vehicles from Oakville Public Works Department at each end of Lakeshore Road  and on side streets feeding in. I also noticed a lot of the merchants didn't have tables outside anymore as in the past, the sales were in the stores proper. 

Out of all the photographs, the shot of the DJ is my favourite. It hit Flickr explore and the metrics went off the charts on that site. 

Camera: Nikon F2SB, Nikkor S.C. 50 f1.4 lens. 
Film: Decade old freezer stored Kodak Max 400

Midnight Madness Dinner at Reyonlds and Lakeshore

Dining Italian on Lakeshore

Walking Down  Lakeshore Midnight Madness 2018

Spinning Tunes on Lakeshore

The Grainery For Lease

16 Mile Creek Friday Night_


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