Medium Format Colour with Lomography 400 C-41

A few years back I tried some Lomography 400 C-41 in medium format and I got results all over the place courtesy overcast skies. I've shot a lot of Lomography 400 C-41 in 35mm and I know it's repackaged Kodak Ultramax 400, that's fine by me, it's a great film. Now recently I got a couple 120 rolls courtesy fellow Classica Camera Revival Host John Meadows, and decided to shoot one of them in my Rolleicord Vb around downtown Oakville prior to an evening photo walk with the Oakville Camera Club.

What you see below blew my mind and that left me wondering what the heck is this film? Deadstock Fujifilm product? A special run courtesy Lucky Films in China? Nobody knows, I even had a brief chat with fellow film photography podcaster and ringleader of the FPP crew in New Jersey Mike Rasso, even he didn't' know, or probably did and had his memory wiped by the good folks at Lomography. Any way sliced, I ordered 9 rolls courtesy the FPP store.

So to the studio audience out there, anyone knows who makes the Lomography 400 C-41 in 120?

Camera: Rolleicord Vb, 75 f3.5 Schneider Xenar Lens.
Film: Lomography 400 C-41.

16 Mile Creek After Dinner_

16 Mile Creek Moored Boats

The Grainery After Dinner_

Checking Email in the Park_

Wild Flowers in the Front Yard

Ten After Six


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