Summer 2017 in the City, The Misplaced Roll

Funny what you find in the Lightroom catalogue, I had a bunch of photos from the rare nice day last Summer and I never published them. I'm thinking the FE2 was one of Nikon's best cameras after seeing these images, again as mentioned in a previous post I wish there was a battery check lever like the FE. I sent the camera off for a CLA to deal with the over exposing meter issue, I'm trying a repair tech in Quebec City who was highly recommended to my by fellow Classic Camera Revival host John Meadows.

What also got my attention was Portra 400, I've been shooting mostly Kodak Ultramax, Lomo 400 C-41 and Kodak Ektar, I forgot the Portra series of films. Oh wow, I have to shoot some more. Now, what I should do is try some Portra 160. My brother shot some in medium format and I was in awe with what he got out of it.

Camera: Nikon FE2, Nikkor Ai lenses.
Film: Kodak Portra 400

Receding Water at Harbourfront

Chilling at the Artificial Beach

Yellow Umbrellas of Toronto

Fire Boat And Tall Ship

Two Silver and One Black Bike

Inner Marina

Outer Marina

Capt. Matthew Flinders In the Shade Partially

Foot of Bay St

Front Street, The Sunny Side

August Dominion Building

Summer on Bay

Rent a Bike_

Waiting at on the West Side of Bay and Wellington_


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