Kosmo Mono 100 in the Summer Part One

We had a hot Canada Day weekend, on the friday, I met up with some friends from Toronto Photowalks and a did a bit of a wander through the east side of Riverdale Park, from the rooftop of Bridgepoint Health and the former Don Jail. One thing I should have packed as a polarizing filter to cut down some of the reflections with the protective glass in the rooftop garden.

I haven't shot with my FE2 in a while, sadly the meter is out by two stops and the camera could use a CLA at some point. Luckily I had a combination of exposure compensation and sunny 16 to the rescue. I think this will be the summer of the CLA (clean, lubricated and align), I have two Olympus OM-1's that need some love, I might have my black Minolta XD-11 done and now the FE2. One at a time.

Camera: Nikon FE2, Nikkor lenses,
Film: Kosmo Mono 100, Rodinal 1+50

Flatiron Behind the Tree

Skyline Riverdale Park 2 June 29

The Rooster in the Shade

Backside of the Former Don Jail

Water over Rectangles

Skyline from the Top of Bridgepoint

DVP Looking South of Top of Bridgepoint


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