Nikon F2AS, Grail Camera Found.

In the Last Crusade Episode we at the Classic Camera Revival talked about our grail cameras. Turns out James Lee had one that's been on my list for ages, the Nikon F2AS. I already have five Nikon F2's, why would I want one more? Well, the collector part of me likes completing things, two, it was the last mechanical pro body Nikon made before launching the F3, of course I want one. During the recording sessions I played around with the camera, some dollar figures were discussed, after an E-Transfer, the camera was mine.

In terms of usablity the F2AS is a lot like other Nikon F2's specifically the F2SB, the meter is very accurate and shares a lot with the Nikon FM and FM2 in terms how it works. The camera just felt right in my hands.

The photos over this and the next post were shot late March and I was lucky to get down to Gairloch Gardens at the end of my street in Oakville. The park has since been closed by the town in accordance of provincial emergency laws, also the lake front part is being rebuilt to deal with the realities of high water levels and this year is going to be a bad one from what I understand. I'm going to miss strolling down to the lake to clear my head.

My subject matter is going to change, a lot more local, a lot more exploring the empty enivronment around me. I don't feel all that comfortable going far at the moment and just not up for shooting colour either.

Camera: Nikon F2AS, Nikkor Ai 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Fomapan 100, Rodinal 1+50.

Nikon F2AS

Cairncroft and Hillhurst

Barn in Lawson Park_

Looking up Morrison From the Southern End_

Middle of Lakeshore Road Looking West II

Gairloch Gallery

Gairloch Gardens by the Water

Closed off Lakeside Path

Closed No Access for You

Vines on the Wall_

Archway in the Wall_


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