Junction in August


I was last in the Juction a year ago doing a beer run to Indie Ale House, this time out I was back with my friends John Meadows, Art Liem and Ori Carmona. We wanted somewhere a bit fresh as we've been shooting a lot in the Beaches (it's a safe neighbourhood in terms of low case counts). Ori wanted to visit one of Toronto's oldest synagogues Congregation Knesseth Israel tucked away on a side street north of Dundas. The Shul is only open on High Holidays as most of the congregation moved elsewhere. The building is protected as an Ontario Heritage Site. 

The Junction is the last neighbourhood in Toronto with some grit left in it leftover from the days of being a major Canadian Pacific Rail Hub (sadly the beautiful West Toronto Station was torn down in I think 1981 in the middle of the night, I've only seen it once when my family was exploring Toronto's west end in fall 1979, it was a cool looking train station.). The extensive meat processing companies and stockyards north of the tracks have long been replaced with a power centre and townhouses. The other weird factoid, this was  dry neighbourhood since Prohibition, while the rest of Canada went wet again the 1920s, the Junction, north end of High Park and Bloor West Village was still dry due to a strong Temperance League. The area finally went wet when the last of the teetotallers passed, and that's when the Junction went from sleepy neighbourhood to hipster hub. Personally the rate of gentrification will be less relentless due to being pretty much bus access only (it's a 20 min walk from the Dundas West Station). 

While the Junction is fun to visit, I prefer the east end. 

Camera: Nikon F2S, Nikkor HC 50 f2 lens, NC 28 f2 lens. 

Film: Eastman Double X 250, ID-11 1+1. 

Parked Crossover High Park North Front Doors Eat Energize on Dundas Street Patios on Dundas West Dundas Pizza Gaint Gelato Cone Dundas at Clendenan_ West End Shul Window West End Shul_ Too Late Camper Partly in the Shade Away from the Front Door John's Colour TV Sales Service John's Colour TV Sales Service III Jayne's Gourmet Catering Office Equipment Under Glass Tiki Bar Street Patio_ Indie Ale House Patio on Dundas Indie Ale House Bottle Shop Northeast of Dundas and Keele Empty Parking Lot Junction Fire Station Keele and Annette Old Toyota Pickup Old Toyota Pickup Front Grille Old Campbell Block in the Background Faces Over the Scafolding_ Deconstructed Roof over the Faces Under the Scafolding_ Ducati Parked No Stopping Anytime


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