Looping Up Through the Upper Beaches.

 I met up with my friends John Meadows and Ori Carmona for an Upper Beaches photowalk while I was staying at my brother's at the back half of August. Toronto was in the middle of a heatwave, however this day it wasn't so bad. I could change lenses without incuring consdensation on the back lens element. Other days, I only shot with the 50 F1.8 lens i had on the camera. 

The Upper Beaches don't get quite the same love the Beach(es) gets, it's an interesitng neighbourhood. Our walk started off at Bodega Henrietta and we woundered into the Williamson Ravine which is a nice hidden gem, granted I wouldn't want to explore it have a heavy rainstorm as it would get really muddy. The one thing that continually amazes me is how people can back down the narrow shared driveways that seems to be the defining feature in older Toronto neighbourhoods. 

Camera: Nikon FE2, Nikkor Ais lenses. 

Film: Ilford HP5 400, HC110 B. 

Vintage Land Rover 3 Door Kingston Rd 502 Dundas St. Looking West Fitzgerald Mews_ Upper Beaches Side St Smile Bowmore Public School Upper Beach Tiny Library Alley Below Gerrard Pick Up Truck on Gerrard Gerrard Street Car Headed to Main St. Station Three Stoplights on Gerarrd_ Stairs Down into the Ravine Flooding Might Occur But not Today Williamson Ravine Two Ori on the Foot Bridge Creek in the Middle of Williamson Ravine Path Along Williamson Ravine Looking Back at the Path out of Williamson Ravine Sunflowers In Front of the Semi Upper Beach Driveway Minivan and the College Carlton and Gerrard Streetcar Canadian Beetle_ HIbiscus Flowers New Beetle in the Driveway Bodega Henrietta_ You Gotta Go This Way Mis Matched Garage Doors Upper Beach Semi_


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