A Rainy Saturday Afternoon at the End of April

 To quote a long running local pizza chain radio ad, "It was a rainy day...." A group of friends met up at The Granite Brewery for lunch as my friend Andrew Reyonds was passing through on a family road trip on his way back to New Brunswick with his wife and daughter. In the end, it was just my other friend Art Leim, Jo-Anne and myself who went out to do some shooting after lunch. 

Thankfully the rain weakened down to light showers, and while it was cold and damp, it was still a good day for photography. I pushed a roll of Ilford HP5 to 1600 which makes sense for a grey day like this one only this time used Ilfotec DDX 1+4 dillution which is pretty much British Tmax developer.  For some reason there was more dust on the negatives than with Ilfotec HC. 

Camera wise I ran with a black Nikon F2 Photomic with the classic Nikkor SC 50 F1.4 lens and just ran with that. The F2 series is my current camera of choice out of my fleet. 

Camera: Nikon F2 Photomic, Nikkor S.C 50 F1.4 lens. 

Film: Ilford HP5 400 pushed to 1600, Ilfotec DDX 1+4. 

Gloomy Saturday on Eglington Late April 2023 Traffic on Mt. Pleasant at Eglington Late April 2023 Art Contmplating  Late April 2023 Gloom at Mt. Pleasant and Eglington Late April 2023 Former Movie Theatre Turned Church Corner of Eglington and Mt. Pleasant Jo-Anne Grinning Map of Georgian Bay Map of Upper Canada Wild Hickory Mural_ Falcon Building April 2023 Millwood Corner Late April 2023 Curved Condo Balconies on Davisville_ Fox on the Junction Box Gloom Along Davisville Davisville Townhouses Wet Leaves on Davisville_ Houses on Davisville_ Davisville Crosswalk in the Rain Davisville Contrasting Balconies Faded Junction Box Art._ Yonge St. at Yonge and Davisville Neighbourhood Yonge St. West Side Yonge and Davisville Neighbourhood Yonge St. Street Produce In Front of Five Doors Down Peppermill Corner Canada Square Canadian Tire Tower Turning off Yonge_ Canada Square Bus Stop


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