From Riverdale to Distillery District Part One.

 From the first of two May walks, we met up at Riverdale Perk on Logan in you guessed it Riverdale and after our caffine and baked goods hit, made our way down to the Distillery District by way of Corktown. It was  great turn out, and the weather for a photo walk was perfect. 

I ran with a Nikon F2SB this photo walk along with the K series Pre Ai 50 F1.4 lens and was having some issues metering, the exposure was off by a stop or so, replaced the batteries and it was better. I find this lens works great on other F2s, Nikkormats even Fs but my SB, things get a little, strange. Any other 50mm lens. not a problem with metering, figure that one out.

Camera: Nikon F2SB, Nikkor Pre Ai lenses. 

Film: Adox CHS 100 II, FX-39 1+19. 

Riverdale Alleyway Off Bain Ave 911 Cabrio on Bain Ave Bain and Carlaw Ave Looking Along Bain to Logan Crossing Logan_ House on Logan May 2023 Alpha Variety May 2023 Semis on the West Side of Logan Corner Door and Front Gate Bike Share at Logan and Gerrard May 2023 Coffee King Unison Piano Compay_ Jo-Anne with her New Hat Bike Art on the Wall North Side of Gerrard in Chinatown East Chinatown East Garage in the Alleyway Chinatown East Nursery Chinatown East Garlic For Sale Chinatown East Gerrard and Broadview Easy Living on Broadview Great Wall at Gateway Linens Broadview Place Parked E Scotter Display Model Diverted Street Car Broadview and Semi and Picket Fence Fisheye Selfie_ Crossing Queen at Broadview


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