Oakville in Middle Spring

Haven't shot with an Olympus OM-1 in a while and it was time to pick one up, in this case a black      OM-1md I purchased off my brother last year. The seals got replaced last winter so all I had to to is put some film in and go out and take some pictures. 

There are certain cameras I have multiples of, Olympus OM-1s are one of them, same goes for Nikon F and F2 bodies. To the point a casual observer will think I'm hoarding. While the F and F2s are model varients, the OM-1s are from across the model run. All of them are mechanical, and that's the big tell. My electronic bodies will at some point will die, the mechanical bodies will keep on trucking. 

Camera: Olympus OM-1md, Zuiko lenses. 

Film: Fomapan 400, Ilfotec DDX 1+4. 

Former Movie Theatre Now a Remax Office Croissant Express, an Institution Boutique Offices on Church 356 Speedster in the Intersection Gallery and Summer Camp Business Offices Spring Blossoms_ Stucco House on Sumner Heritage Saltbox on Sumner Ave White House with Wrap Around Porch Mid 00s Corvette in the Partial Shade Historic White House on Navy Brick House on the Corner of Front and Navy TOWARF Rescue Boat May 2023 Oakville Club Yachts May 2023 Erchlss in the Afternoon May 2023 Erchlss Wolf Scultures on the Hunt Spring 2023 Concrete Moose Spring 2023 Front St Renovation Maple St. Between Allen and Reynolds Maple tiny Library Outpost_ White Tulips May 2023 DTOAKVILLE May 2023 Town Square in the Drizzle


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