Agfa Vista 400

 I ordered a couple rolls of Agfa Vista 400 c-41 film on a recent order from to experiment with. Ok first off, someone out there owns the Agfa name after the German part of the company went bust ten years ago. Vista 400 is made in Japan and the safe bet that manufacturer is Fujifilm. Photographers speculate it's rebadged Superia Extra 400, I don't know, it could be an industrial film. The thing with Fuji products is they tend to go towards the blue and green part of the colour spectrum, Vista 400 pulls in red. To a point, I would be a little scared to use this for portraiture because it would make people look ruddy. I see this film for what it is, a cheap and cheerful C-41 film, I would be using Kodak Portra 400 for critical work.

Camera: Canon FTb, FD 50 f1.4, FD 28 F2 SSC lens.
Film: Agfa Vista 400.

Queen St. and Sarah Ashbridge Crosswalk

Wooden Sunshine

Woodbine Townhouses

Cone Structure

Reflective Installation Pieces

Reflective Installation_

Sunday Afternoon on the Beaches Boardwalk

Leuty Ave Lifeguard Station Under Blue Skies and Puffy Clouds

Red and Blue Seats


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