March Break in the Beaches: Walking in the Sort of Snow Storm

March Break can be hit or miss for weather, last Tuesday we were under a winter storm advisory with upwards of 30 cm of snow, well that was a little optimistic. It was cold, windy and dismal, and of course, I went out for a photo walk along the boardwalk and looped back up to Queen St. Sometimes the best photographic work comes from the most truly awful weather and it was a mean cold damp wind that went straight through me. The other big with crappy weather, being able to get what you want in terms of an image without photo bombing your shot.

If anyone is interested in checking out the art installations along the Beaches, they come down I believe at the end of the month.

Camera: Canon EF, FD 50 f1.4 and 28 f2 SSC lenses
Film: Rollei Retro 400S, HC110 B.

Sarah Ashbridge Snow Dusting

Snowcoverd Path to the Lake

Cone Art Installation_

Front Row Seats for the Waves

Beaches Signpost

Leuty Beach Shelter in the Storm

Rough Lake Ontario in a Storm

Christmas Tree Afterlife on the Beach

Rough Water Hitting the Beach

Empty Martin Goodman Trail_


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