New to Me Canon P

I had a lightening strikes once opportunity to get a late 1950s vintage Canon P rangefinder camera. Back then it was considered an entry level camera into Canon's M-39 screw mount rangefinder system. The camera body itself is built like a tank, unlike the Leica M3 and M2 it was easy to load. Now the lens itself that came with the camera is going to need some TLC, there is oil on the aperture blades and I was told there was a small spot of fungus which isn't good for the lens. I still got the below images. The lens itself is going to be cleaned and overhauled soon.

Camera: Canon P Rangefinder, 50 f1.8 Canon Serenar Lens.
Film: Rollei RPX 400,  HC110 B.

Canon P

Queens Quay Wavy Deck Two

Another Moored Sailing Ship

Wavy Deck from the East

Queens Quay In the Slush


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