Medium Format Cinestill 800T Alpha Roll

I got silly lucky to get access to an alpha roll of Cinestill 800T through the good folks at Downtown Camera a month ago. I had to shoot and get it back to them for processing as soon as possible as this was the very first production run and we had to document all the defects to work the kinks out of the manufacturing process. Life got in the way, or more accurately a cold that I managed to dodge for the longest time this winter finally caught up with me, so after a two week delay, I shot it off after an Oakville Camera Club meeting on Monday, February 27. I wanted a dead quiet downtown Oakville to get that one shot of Bru, a favourite local of mine, thankfully no one parked in front of it.

The thing with night photography is reciprocity failure, that point where the film just gives up. General rule of thumb if I'm shooting a roll of black and white Ilford HP5 at 400 ISO if I get a meter reading of eight seconds at F16 (we want lots of depth of field). the actual exposure time will be closer to 25 seconds to get the proper exposure. With Cinestill 800T being a tungsten balanced colour negative film based on Kodak Vision3 500T motion picture stock, you don't have to worry about that courtesy the super wide latitude, I can expose as low as 400 ISO or as high as 1200 without adjusting developing times, 800 ISO is the sweet spot. I did have to adjust the white balance in Lightroom a bit, straighten the image and crop slightly. Since these are lab scans and not my own in Jpeg files, I didn't fix the scratch in the one image. I much rather do that with a TIFF file which I'll do when I get the negatives over March Break.

Cinestill 800T rocks for long exposure night photography. You can expose for the meter reading without adjusting and would make a great indoor film for concert photography.

Camera: Mamiya C220f, Sekor 80 f2.8 lens.
Film: Cinestill 800T





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