About Those Slides, Some Good News of Sorts

My friend James offered to process my slide film and I took him up on the offer, he owns a Jobo Processor and I know the end results would be great. Well, there was a teachable moment along the way. James lives up in Milton, and Milton draws it's municipal water from wells and is as hard as a granite countertop. That is the chemical wrench in E-6 processing. All my slide film came out almost a stop or two underexposed and there was some serious rescue work done in Lightroom. James apologized profusely, turned out he usually uses distilled water mixing up E-6 chemicals only this time used tap water. I  get it because that is the same exact blunder I would do on autopilot.

So the teachable moment, if you're processing your slides at home, either 1) use distilled water or 2) invest in a water softener. Hard water does a number on the dye couplers so some colour channels are over represented and others under represented. I also had a roll of Velvia 100 and Provia 100 in 35mm processed too and with some rescuing in Lightroom look pretty good as well.

Camera: Rolleiflex Series E 75 f3.5 Planar TLR.
Film: Fuji Provia 100, home processed by a friend.

Billie Bear Main Lodge Rec Room

Three Brown Muskoka Chairs

Trees in Transition

Neighbouring Cottages

Canoes by the Shore

Plenty of Seating by Bella Lake

Saturday Morning Speedboat.

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