Old Galt (Cambridge Ontario) Classic Camera Revival Meet Up Part One

The fun part of being part of the Classic Camera Revival podcast is the meetups. We held one in Hamilton two years ago, hopefully, this will be an annual event going forward. A dedicated group of people met up in downtown Galt which is now part of Cambridge Ontario. I've been through Cambridge twice, but I was on my way somewhere else on both occasions first to a stag and doe party 18 years ago and the Glen Morris ruins two years ago. Galt is a fun spot to explore if you're looking for a day trip.

Now my camera of choice for this meet up was my new to me, and so new looking you wonder if it came here via time machine, a Nikon F4. While officially an autofocus camera, it, in reality, is the last manual focus, Nikon. I also popped on my Nikkor Ais 35 f2 lens and shoot with a wide-normal lens. I packed a 105 f2.5 lens but never used it. The whole idea was to reduce decision making. Shooting with colour film, I left it on matrix metering. Of course, you will see the results below. I should warn you even with the slim battery pack, the F4 is a beast.

Camera: Nikon F4, Nikkor Ais 35 f2 lens.
Film: Lomo 400 C-41.

Come in And Get Your Vinyl On ii

F.J. Brown_

Downtown Galt or Cambridge_

Main St. Cambridge_

Almost Across

Grand River Relflected Sides

Crossing over The Grand River

Ten Grand Antiques

Stone House Galt

Future Condo Development

Ivy on Stone Walls_

Alex Shooting into the Courtyard

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