Buck Lake Trail in Limberlost Forest

 Yes, I'm totally in love with the Nikon F4 and how it delivered on this year's NLP photography retreat. It is a heavy camera but very well balanced so you don't really feel the weight. The Matrix metereing gave me perfect exsposures, I'm happy with what I got on this hike. The other thing, Kodak Ultramax 400 is a colour film punches way above its weight. 

I haven't hiked much this year partly due to adventures in eldercare and stinky weather, hence I was really looking forward to this hike up in Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve. Buck Lake is a fun hike that while varied terrain isn't too long compared to Solitaire Lake. 

Camera: Nikon F4, Nikkor Ais lenses. 

Film: Kodak Ultramax 400 

Access Road at Limberlost Forest Giant Tonka Toy Limberlost Access Road for Buck Lake Forest Floor Wild 2Mushrooms Tall Grasses in the Clearing Twin Tree Trunks on the Clearing Edge_ Buck Lake Trail One 2021 Red Maple Accents Leaves and Grass in the Water Buck Lake Trail 2021 Two Buck Lake Trail 2021 Three Rafal Shooting Red Over the Lake Two Bucl Lake Trail 2021 Six Bucl Lake Trail 2021 Waterfalls Bucl Lake Trail 2021 Mini Rapids Bucl Lake Trail 2021 Flowing Waters Bucl Lake Trail 2021 Path Angle Three


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