Toronto Film shooters Fall Meet Up Part Two

A good time was had by all on this photo walk but the fun didn't stop this weekend as we did some in person recording sessions for the Classic Camera Revival with our newest team member Jess Hobbs. 

Camera: Nikon FM2/T, Nikkor Ais lenses. 

Film: Kodak Ultramax 400. 

Park Snacks closed Up for the Year Queen Anne Row Houses Peeking Down a Cabbagetown Alleyway More Queen Anne Row Houses Cabbagetown Front Stoops_ Cabbagetown Workers Cottages Looking Down hte Alley to Sackville St Sackville St. Semis Sackville St. Blue and Purple Front Doors Crossing at Jamestown Milk Fall Floral Arrangeemnts_ Fall Floral Arrangeemnts Two Walking by Haldi_ BMW Adventure Bike Jet Fuel Coffee Shop Sign_ Fish and Chips Brunch and Dinner Calrton Meets Parliament Fall 2021 Crossing in Front of Home Hardware Cabbagetown Storefront Renovations Basement Apartment Entrance St. Jamestown Laundry East End of Bloor St Near Castle Frank


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