The Drive Back Down 35 Through Dorset and Minden

 South of Huntsville I took the scenic route via Highway 35 to one partly avoid the hellscape that's the 400/11 when you get close to Barrie and points south and two, go exploring with Jo-Anne who hasn't been down this way before. Another reason why we chose this route was I wanted to stop by my cousins' cottage south of Beaverton on Lake Simcoe so Jo-Anne can meet them. 

It was beautiful drive down and we had lunch at the Trading Bay Dining Company in Dorset, despite being mid October it was a nice day for patio dining. In the end it was a good day for driving and exploring but the closer we got to Southern Ontario the rain started and by the time we got back to Toronto it was a wall of water making navigating a treat to Jo-Anne's place. I prefer to remember the nicer parts up in Dorset and Minden.

Camera: Olympus OM-1n, Zuiko lenses. 

Film: Kodak Ultramax 400. 

Blue Pick Up Waiting for the Light_ Pumpkin Display at Robinson's General Store Robinson's General Store Old Entrance Bigwin Tied to the Dock TWo Red Lights at the One Way Bridge Channel Parking for the General Store Two Knox United Church Being Restored_ South Side of the Dorset Channel Decorative Gourd Display The Bigwin Firday Afternoon_ Parked Speedboat Green Posts at Robinson's Minden Reflected on the Gull River mid Oct 2021 Minden Reflected on the Gull River mid Oct 2021 Two Minden Reflected on the Gull River With Pickup and Camper mid Oct 2021 Two Dominion Hotel on Friday in October North side of Downtown Minden Rockcliffe Tavern From the Parking Lot Rockcliffe HVern Rockcliffe Tavern Sign East Side of Downtown Minden


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