Grey Saturday on Bella Lake

 The Saturday was the opposite of Friday, grey and miserable would be more accurate, the skies didn't open up until after dinner but it felt like it was going to rain all day. I walked up Billie Bear Road to Antioch Conservation Area for some alone time. I loved walking up the road alone, it's a chance to re charge my introvert batteries. Billie Bear Resort and Bella Lake. 

Unfortunately all good things come to an end but there will be a twist because while not chronologically correct, I'm not headed home yet in my blog posts. Stay tuned for the next post. 

Camera: Nikon FM2n, Nikkor Ais 50 f 1.8 lens. 

Film: Ilford HP5 400, HC110 B. 

Billie Bear Mascot Billie Bear Courthouse 2021 Cabin in the Trees Cabin By the Road Do Not Dispair_ Billie Bear Road Antioch Conservation Area Shores One 2021 1 Antioch Conservation Area Sign and Rules Billie Bear Road Looking South Billie Bear Canoe Storage Bear Carving on Guard Billie Bear Access Road by the Log Cabin Bilie Bear Log Cabin Lodge Bilie Bear Neighbouring Cottages Explorer Lodge Lightbulbs Sunday Morning Bella Lake Reflections One Pontoon Boat Reflections_ Bella Lake Other Shore Reflection Moored Paddle Boats Billie Bear Shores on Sunday Morning


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