Return to Billie Bear Resort.


Billie Bear Resort is one of my happy places in the world, and the return visit is much overdue considerign what I have been through the past year and a half. I only wish Jo-Anne was with me, she did meet my friends via Facetime. 

This set was both shot on Color Plus 200 and Ultramax 400, two of Kodak's consumer films, they delivered, really well. Of the two Ultramax 400 is what I call a more contemporary look film while Color Plus 200 harkens back to the 1980s 

Of course there was a casulty this year, one of our group, Chris, lost his drone in Bella Lake. He went out with Rafal our ringleader in a paddleboat to find it, they might still be out there looking.  

Camera: Nikon F4, Nikkor Ais 50 F1.8 lens. 

Film: Kodak Color Plus 200. Kodak Ultramax 400

Tally Ho Winter Road Limberlost Road Curve Explorer's Lodge Sept 2021 Dock and Platform in the Bella Lake Mist VIP Seating for the Morning Mist Two Boats on Bella Lake Take One Three Speed Boats Float Boat at the Corner of Bella Lake Bella Lake Corner 2021 Raf and Chris Haven't Found the  Downed Drone Neighbouring Bille Bear Cottages Bille Bear Main Lodge Bille Bear Rec Hall Bille Bear Main Lodge and Rec Hall Bille Bear Log Cabin Bille Bear Log Cabin Stained Glass Bille Bear Cottage on the Slope New Bille Bear Cottage on the Slope White Golf GTI Robert Rafal Xenia and Vlad Robert D. Oct 2021 Billie Bear Beach Oct 2021


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