Kicking it Old School with a Nikon F and a Nikkor S 50 f2 lens.

 Nikkor S 50 f2 léns, an interesting peice of glass that was only made for a few short years before being replaced by the super sharp H version. My Nikkor S 50 f2 was also a Tick Mark and even rarer bird as it was only made at the beginning of the F mount era. Comprised of seven elements in five groups and a more circular aperture courtesy the nine aperture blades. Of course my Tick Mark 5cm F2 lens wound up on my circa 1960 black Nikon F. I really like what I got out of this test roll. 

Also, If you also noticed, I switched developers from HC110 to Ilfotec HC, Kodak having quality control issues with their darkroom chemistry partner. Since I was using Ilford Stop and Fix I figured it was time to vertically integrate because I shoot a lot of Ilford film. 

Camera: Nikon F, Nikkor S 50 f2 (Tick Mark) lens. 

Film: Ilford HP5 400, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

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