Fuji Pro 400H, Gone You Say? Pity

 I was gifted two rolls of Fuji Pro 400 H this past Summer by my friend Ori Carmona, and I immediately put them into the fridge for the fall. Fuji continued its product line thinning out by discontinuing their only pro film stock in both 35mm and 120 this past year. At the same time the product manager at Kodak Alaris responsible for Portra saw their carefully planned production forecasts tossed out the window. Maybe it will come back, maybe not. Either way if you wanted to know why Portra 400 was thin on the ground for much of 2021, this is one of them. 

From personal experience Pro 400 H isn't really a 400 ISO colour film, I figure its true speed is around 250 ISO and that's what I shot both rolls you see here. The end results required very little work in post other than cropping and dust removal. I do hope Fujifilm brings this film back, to my understanding it was an ingrediant or two that was too hard to source, again another reason why Kodak colour films were hard to find the back half of 2021, thank you global suppy chain and outsourcing. In the meantime the only 120 fuji colour film that's around is slide film, for now. 

Camera: Rolleiflex 3.5 F planar TLR. 

Film: Fuji Pro 400H 

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