The Last Photowalk Before Omicron Part One

 Miserable weather, in this case a snow storm makes for the best photography. What was originally forecast as flurries became a snow storm of sorts but the photo walk went on as Omicron variant like a low rent Deceptacon extra from a later Transformer Movie was lurking in the background. I also want to call bullshit to the cool kids who looked to thte landscape north of Bloor with disdain, there's lots to shoot up here. Best to take the ride up the subway before developers ruin Yonge St. between Davisville and Eglington (Canada Square is already on borrowed time). 

My choice of Nikon F4S as my rig of choice for this walk with two lenses (Ais 35 F2 and 105 F2.5) was on point. On Matrix metering and aperture priority, I didnt' have one bad exposre on both rolls. The camera also handled the rotton weather with a "What, it's a bad day?" 

In other news I managed to find another DP-20 prism so my regular F4 will also be going back into service which is great news. I tried my new AF-D 50 f1.4 on it, yeah, the F4 in my mind is still Nikon's last manual focus pro bod, not that was a bad thing. 

Camera: Nikon F4S, NIkkor Ais lenses. 

Film: Lomography 400 C-41 colour film. 

Yonge St. Produce Yonge and Castlefiield in the Snow De Mello Coffee Sign Miserable Saturday Morning Midtown Glimpse of the Old Mid Town Yonge St Empty Duke of Kent Corner Dirving Up Yonge in a Delivery Truck Eglington Under Construction 34 C Eglington East Bus_ Waiting To Cross Eglington Canada Square in the Snow Crossing Yonge at Canada Square_ Yonge and Berwick _ Tuduro Apartment Entrance_ Five Doors Down Peppermills Old School Lange Ski Boots The Butcher's Son Former Wallace Gastro Power_ Crossing at Davisville_ Davisville with Stored Subway Train_ Traffic on Chaplin Crescent_ The Band of Brothers and Sister_


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