The Last Photo Walk Before Omicron Part Two

 The Nikon F4S can take a lot in miserable weather and I've fallen in love with this camera. By the time you read this I will have the replacement DP-20 prism on my regular F4 and I'll have two back in rotation. I can't wait for that. 

Walking up Mt. Pleasant was a nice experience, I'm planning a spring photo walk with the Toronto Film Shooters FB Group (pandemic and weather permitting). This street hasn't been totally erased, buildings like Hudson Plumbing Supplies and the Falcon Building still stand. This adds to the unique streetscape. As of writing the Falcon Building is up for sale hopefully it won't get knocked down. by a developer. 

Finally looping back along Eglington and up Redpath, I wanted to document how the recent past (last 70 years is being obliterated. To a point apartment buildings averaging between 8 to 15 stories are being replaced by Condo towers around 35-40 stories tall, in some cases going against official plan. 

Camera: Nikon F4S, Nikkor Ais lenses. 

Film: Lomography 400 C-41 Colour Film. 

Nikon F4S Davisville yard Gatehouse Winter Running on the Beltline Wall Art on the Beltline Walking on the Beltline in the Snow Davisville Subway Yard in the Snow 1 Southbound Line One Subway the Snow 1 Southbound Line One Subway and Stored Train the Snow 1 Southbound Line One Subway and Stored Train the Snow 2 tif Yonge St. Looking up to Davisville_ Festive Wreath in the Cemetary Hudson Building Supplies in the Snow Offices at Mt. Pleasant and Davisville Kitchen Food Fair Falcon Building In Winter regant Theature HIbernating_ West Side of Mt. Pleasant _ Another Look at the Sleeping Regant_ Christmas Arrangements_ Snow Covered Bikes on Mt. Pleasant_ Mt. Pleasant  Corner Signs at Eglington and Mt. Pleasant Eglington Ave East of Redpath Retail Strip on Redpath_ Corner House on Redpath Roehampton Aparkment Coming Down 1 Roehampton Aparkment Coming Down 2


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