Around Oakville with an Old Friend

I've forgotten exactly when I bought my Phototomic Tn Nikon F. It was in around the 2004-2005 time period and I picked it up at Commerical Camera in North York, Gord was my repair tech at the time, sadly he passed a few short years after I picked this up just after Commerical Camera  Repair relocated and subsquently closed. 

The Photomic Tn F had a jumpy meter which was tamed by an overhaul courtesy Winball Camera which was owned by the former Nikon Hong Kong service manager and his wife. The Tn unlike the slightly younger FTN, you had to adjust the meter slightlly after every lens change, so if you had a Nikkor H 50 F2 lens and switched to an H 28 F3.5 lens, you had to adjust the meter slightly, a bit of a pain in the ass but Nikon was striving for reliablity not being conveient, that was for the Nikkormat series of cameras, and the Photomic FTN. All that said I love shooting with the camera, just run with lenses with the same aperture, in this F2. 

Camera: Nikon F Photomic Tn, Nikkor H 50 F2 lens, N 28 F2 lens. 

Film: Ilford FP4 125, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

Nikon F Tn Two Post war Bungalows May 2022 Two Versions of a Luxury Ride May 2022 Speers Road Towards Kerr St. 2 May 2022 Speers Road Towards Cornwall Dr. May 2022 Speers Road Towards Cornwall Dr. 2 May 2022 Story and a Half on Poplar Drive Tudor Mansion on MacDonald May 2022 House and Porch on Watson May 2022 Watson Arts and Crafts House House with a Split Front Path Sheddon Ave Sidewalk_ Tree on Freestone Lane Chrysler Convertable on Freestone Lane Spring Blooms on Freestone Lane Entrance off Trafalger Orthadontist Office_ Former Furniture Store and British Grocer First Post Office and Cabin_ Two Paths in Lakeside Park May 2022 Front St. Historic House Reconstruction May 2022 Favourite Front St. House Tiny Park with No Name off Front St Worn Doorstep Cottage May 2022 Worn Doorstep Historic Sign George's Square Late Afternoon May 2022 Porsche 911 Turbo Late Afternoon May 2022


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