The Canon 35 F1.8 LTM lens on a Spring Photowalk.

 I was in the market for a fast 35mm for my my Leica M4-2, either a modern Zeiss Biogon 35 F2, a Voightlander Heliar 35 F2, or a vintage Canon in Leica thread mount. There's no way I could afford a 35 F2 Summicron, or even the LTM Nikkor 35 F1.8, my brother got that lens from dad's estate and its expensive as hell to buy. One day my camera repair tech Gary Clannen aka Lens Medic YYC had a serviced Canon LTM 35 F1.8 lens. I bought the lens right away, and is now on my Canon P. 

Doing research I could not ascertain the 35 F1.8 lens had a dedicated lens hood. Of course it shared the same oddball diameter of 40mm like the 50 F1.8. I had a lens hood the same dimensions has the lens hood for the 50 f1.8 and from what I read on Canon Rangefinder pages online, works for the 35mm lens. I might try it without as the front element is recessed enough into the barrel I might be able to get away with out a hood. 

With some cropping, ok, cropping each frame pretty much, I fixed thing. What I got were really nice photos, really sharp and having almost a 3 dimensional quality. Overall I'm really happy with this lens and look forward to using it on my Canon P. 

Camera Canon P, LTM Canon 35 F1.8 lens. 

Film: ORWO UN54, D76 1+1. 

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