Back to Paris Ontario, Only much warmer Part Two. The Kosmo Mono 100 Roll

 It was a great day for photography in Paris and it was the start of warmer weather in Southern Ontario. while a super sunny day would make for monotonous lighting, it just felt good to get out there and feel inspired. While the first roll was a roll of Ilford FP4 but, I didn't have a second roll with me so switched to Kosmo Mono 100. Can't go wrong with this film. 

Camera: Nikon F Photomic FTN, Nikkor Pre Ai lenses. 

Film: Kosmo Mono 100, D76 1+1. 

Walk Down Grand River St. into the Village 1 Downtown Paris North End 2 Parking by the Stack of Kayaks Grand Experiences_ Grand River St. Scramble Crosswalk Dam on the Grand River and  CN Mainline Reflected Train BRidge Reflected West Side of the Grand River Paris from up the Grand River St. Paris On West Shore of the Grand River Dundas Looking at Downtown Paris Grand River St and Dundas St Outdoor Floral Display_ Paris Jewellerz United Discount Wendy's General Store Row Houses on Grand River St Road to Downtown Paris John M Hall House of Quality Linens Tea Room in Paris On


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