Grail Camera: Nikon FM3a

 I got one of my dream cameras, the Nikon FM3a, the last manual focus camera Nikon made in house (the FM10 was made by Cosina). My brother and I are both camera collectors and film shooters, he bought this FM3a about a year or so ago, and wound up selling it to me as he just wasn't using it enough. I was on the lookout for a chrome FM3a and things just came togther. 

Nikon only made the FM3a for a few short years before culling their film camera line down to just two skus, the F6 sort of pro body and the FM10 for the student market. I remember the camera being discontinued and thought it was a dumb move because you want o keep a legacy camera in the line up. Discontinuing the F60, F80, F100, that wasn't a surprise, the world was going pixels at the time. 

So, how is the FM3a in the hand. Think a more refined FE2 but while that camera had one mechanical speed. All the shutter speeds on the FM3a are mechanical if the batteries die, you can go Sunny 16 in a pinch. The other bonus the FM3a has is an AE lock, which I haven't used yet as I was shooting manually with the test rolls. 

If you are a Nikon film camera nerd with some money, you want the FM3a, really, you do, hit EBay or your go to vintage camera pusher and look for one. 

Camera: Nikon FM3a, Nikkor Ais 50 f1.4 lens. 

Film: Lomography 100 C-41 film.  

Nikon FM3a Crossing Queen St. at Sarah Ashbrdige in the Morning Kidz Kutz  in the Morning Beaches Fire Station 227 August 2022 Mid Week Two Stone Lion Patio Before Opening August 2022 Kew Gardens Bandstand August 2022 Kew Gardens  Cottage South Side Summer 2022 Kew Gardens  Cottage South Side Summer 2022 Lifeguard Boat and Beach Seating Summer 2022 Almost Balmy Beach Summer 2022 Walking By the Balmy Beach Boat House Summer 2022 The Balmy Beach Boat House Summer Bay 2022 RC Harris Employee Parking and Fleet Garages RC Harris Lower Entrance August 2022 RC Harris Lower Entrance August 2022 Two RC Harris Lower Building Tower August 2022_ RC Harris Upper Building August 2022  Blue Sky RC Harris Lower Building Complex August 2022 Early 1970s Corvette Coupe Late August Goof Sign Ed's Real Scoop August 2022 Tori's Bake Shop August 2022 Beacher Cafe Corner Mid Week August 2022 Sunflower and Bee


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