Midtown Toronto on a Warm Saturday in September

 It's been a study of contrasts in September weather, when I shot this, I was wearing shorts and a polo shirt. Today as of publishing, it's jeans, long sleave shirt and dressed for fall.  It was midtown wander with Jo-Anne going south along Yonge for some Gelato, then cutting through Mt. Pleasant West to Mt Pleasant Avenue to stop in for an afternoon pint at the Granite Brewery (love that place). 

I chose to travel only with a 50 F1.4 prime lens on the Canon New F-1, just didn't feel like lugging a camera bag around with me. The end results capture a late summer afternoon post Labour Day weekend. 

Canon New F-1AE, FDn 50 F1.4 lens. 

Film: Fomapan 400, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

Walking out of Best Fresh Buy Market Yonge Eglington Centre Sept 2022 Crosswalk at Canada Square on Yonge St. Sept 2022 Canada Square Sept 2022 Blcok Condos Sept 2022 Yonge St. Patios Sept 2022 Houses Midtown Sept 2022 Mount Pleasant West  Sept 2022 Mount Pleasant West  II Sept 2022 Mount Pleasant West Houses Sept 2022 Belsize Corner  Sept 2022 The Regant Sept 2022 Toronto Camera Club Sept 2022 East Side of Mount Pleasant Sept 2022 Flirty Flutters on Mt Pleasant 21st Century Mustang New Crosstown Station Bus on Eglington_ Apartment Project on Broadway Condo Extravagence on Broadway Apartment Driveway on Erskine


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