Wandering West into Leslieville and Little India

 I wandered west from the Beaches for a change, and Queen St. is evolving, gastropub Murphy's Law is closed for renovation and immediately to the west the old Day's Inn is being torn down for a future condo development. 

Turning North on Greenwood, doubling back a bit along Dundas, I headed north again along Craven Road and documented the folk art installation along the backyard fences along the street and finally looping it back to Sarah Ashbridge Ave via Gerrard St. and the Upper Beaches. 

The film of choice for this walk was Fujifilm Superia 200, I never really shot with this film before, using Superia 400 as my go to film. I have no idea if this was the Japanese or "Made in America" Superia 200. I was shooting with my Canon EF with a 50 F1.4 lens on shutter priority. Don't know what to think about Superia 200, I do love KodakGold 200 however, when you can find it. 

Camera: Canon EF, FDn 50 f1.4 lens. 

Film: Fujifilm Superia 200.

Blue and Yellow House on Queen St in the Beach Triangle Biking Past Queen St. Semis_ Murphy's Law 2022 501and 503 at Eastern Avenue August 2021 Former Days Inn Velotique VW Thing Sarah Asbridge House Under Restoration Stored Streetcars_ Leslieville Sign Black SWM Two Walking to Greenwood Drooping Sunflower Row Houses off Greenwood Craven Ave Folk Art One Craven Ave Folk Art Two Craven Ave Folk Art Four Cone Flower in Leslieville Little India Mural Kohinoor Foods Kohinoor Foods Delivery Home Hardware and Empty Store on Coxwell Crossing By All Day Breakfast


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