Exploring University of Toronto (the October Toronto Film Shooters FB Group Photo Walk) Continued.

 I love Cinestill 400D, from where I'm sitting I find this film much easier to work with than Portra 400,  Unlike 50D which is Vision 50D motion picture stock with the remjet scraped off so you don't have to worry about it, 400D is a native C-41 process colour negative film with my guess a lot of Vision 250D technology baked into the emulsion if that makes sense. 

Through Zuiko lenses, 400D shines, it looks great when shot through Nikkor glass but Zuiko, I hardly have to tinker in Lightroom other than tame some of the green channel a bit, but, I have to do that with Portra 400 as well. The Olympus OM-4Ti and Zuiko lens system is going to be used a lot with 400D in the  future for me. 

Camera: Olympus OM-4Ti, Zuiko MC lenses. 

Film: Cinestill 400D. 

Hart House Chimneys Andrew Chapman Oct 2022 Hart House South Entrance  Oct 2022 Hart House Tower Oct 2022 University College Behind the Fence Birch Lined Allley to St. George St Tour Bus on St. George St Sid Smith Hall on St. George St Street Seating By the Chemistry Building Sapdina and College Oct 2022 Crossing Spadina at College Looking Toward Spadina Circle One Spadina Crescent Oct 2022 Spadina Circle at Ursula Franklin_ Spadina Circle Admin  Building Graduate Student Union Pub Tree Lined Alley Robarts Library Corners Closed Huron Ave Corner Store Huron and Sussex Corner Huron Retail and Apartments Sussex Apartments and Police Station Laneway Entrance_ Laneway House Coach House Press World Headquarters Trinity College Entrance_ Too of Philosopher's Walk_ The Duke of York October 2022


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