Oakville in the Fall

Oakville in the fall is pretty before the leaves drop, it also gave me an opportunity to shoot with some new AF-D lenses, the 28 F2.8 and 35 F2 lenses on the F100, the perfect rig for colour film. Lomo 100 C-41 is an undertated colour film, said to be based on an older Kodak colour negative film from the 1980s and 90s. I dig the look. 

Camera: Nikon F100, Nikon AF-D lenses. 

Film: Lomo 100 C-41. 

Pop of Red Leaves Dcorative Gourd Showing_ Fall Colours on 16 Mile Creek 16 Mile Creek Corner October 2022 Two Oakville Harbour Oct 2022 Tribeca Coffee Oct 2022 Tribeca Coffee VIP Seating Oct 2022 Baked Treats in the Window Fall Display at Town Square Town Square Oct 2022 Heritage Cottage With a New Cedar Roof Heritage House Rebuild_ Seat in Olde Oakville By the Water Vintage Volvo P1800 Coupe Vintage Volvo P1800 Coupe Three Path Across Morrison Creek Oct 2022 Pinewood Park Oct 2022 Bong's Variety Long May it Prosper Trafalgaer Property Oct 2022 Potter's Folly Oct 2022 Blue Cobra In Front of Second Cup Oct 2022 Aroma  Oct 2022 MB SL560  Oct 2022 Balsam and Lakeshore House wirh the Olive Piocket Fence  Oct 2022


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