Pushing Ultrafine Extreme 400 to 1600

Ultrafine Extreme 400 has been getting a lot of street cred recently as the cheep and cheerful film that punches way, way, way above it's price point and plain delivers the goods. I've shot it at near box speed (320 ISO) over the Summer, that was great when you had a lot of light to work with. Toronto is now headed into grey sky season, which on this day is distressed pewter.

I loaded up some UFX 400 into my Nikon F2SB and took it in with me to the city to do some urbran photography and put the film through it's paces. Some exposures were really thin as in I didn't even bother to scan the frames. Don't know why that happened as other frames were just bang on in terms of exposure. Grain isn't too bad at 1600 and I processed in dilution B HC110, a developer every black and white photographer should be familiar with if they process at home. The frames that turned out great are keepsers.

Will this replace HP5 400 as my film to push to 1600, no, but it will supplement for sure.

Camera: Nikon F2SB, Pre Ai Nikkor lenses.
Film: Ultrafine Extreme 400, pushed to 1600, HC110 B.

Looking Over York St._

Rental Bikes on Front Two

Yonge and Front Traffic

Behind the Gooderham and Worts Flatiron

Gooderham and Worts Flatiron November 2019

Start of Wellington

Gooderham Building Entrance

East Thirty Lamp


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