A Hidden Gem, the Guildwood Estate

 A few weeks ago I meet up with fellow Classic Camera Revival hosts Alex Luykx, John Meadows and James Lee at the Guildwood Estates on brisk but very sunny Sunday morning on the first weekend of Spring. 

I've never been to Guildwood Estates, it's located towards the east end of Scarborough south of Kingston. There used to be hotel at one time but that got torn down with the main building remaining being an event facility that was booked solid with weddings in the before times. But that's not why we went. The Guildwood Estates is also home to archtectural details from buildings long gone in downtown Toronto. In the 1950s the city went on a tear pulling down old office buildings in the financial district and slowly replace them with new sky scrapers from the international or modernist school. Nothing wrong with modernism but a lot of old character. 

Guildwood Estates is the echo memory of these old buildings what were part of Toronto's landscape prior to 1950 and a metaphor of something else that's going on my life right now I'm not ready to talk about just  yet. Medium and long term, things will be ok, short term not so much. 

Enough of that, I'm changing the subject. Eastman Double X, a daylight 250 ISO black and white motion picture stock that you would me familiar with if you saw the opening sequence of James Bond's Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. I exposed at box speed 250 ISO and processed in ID-11 1+1, just blew my mind much the same way ORWO UN 54 did. I know I should process in D96 but D76/ID-11 works just as well. Yes I got some more and if I make it back up to Muskoka I planning on taking some with me. 

Camera: Nikkormat FT2, Nikkor SC 50 f1.4 lens. 

Film: Eastman Double X, ID-11 1+1. 

60 King St. West Guildwood Event Facility Gates to Nowhere Former Building Entrance_ 39 Imaginary Greek Ruins Guildwood Arches to Nowhere Two Guildwood Arches to Nowhere Snubnose Column Lone Column_ Fossilized Flywheels Two Three Architecture Reliefs_ Three Architecture Relief One_ Three Architecture Relief Two Three Architecture Relief Three Building Decoration


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