East End of the Beaches in the Sun.

 After shooting around Guildwood, I shot around the eastern edge of the Beaches before heading home, I wanted to grab some coffee from Remarkable Bean. While I love Bud's Coffee for java to go, Remarkable Bean is also a roastery, and so far, I love the Henri Dark Roast, should try their medium roasts at some point. 

The particular Nikkormat FT2 I was shooting with needs a CLA, maybe not a full one, the shutter speeds seam fine but the film advance/transport needs some love. I am also shooting with motion picture stock be it Eastman Double X, ORWO UN 54 or Ferrania P30. I'm sitting on a pile of all three films so there. Now to pack up the Nikkormat.....

Camera: Nikkormat FT2, Nikkor SC 50 f1.4 lens. 

Film: Eastman Double X, ID-11 1+1 

Brick and White Siding Tudor with a Wrap Around Porch Long Wait for a Haircut Plenty of Boardwalk Seating Muskoka Chairs on the Beach Walking the Dog on the Sand White Three Story at the end of the Street Favourite Beaches Side Street Favourite Beaches Side Street Shadows Biking Along Queen The Fox is Still Closed\\ Goof Sign in the Shade March 2021 Stairs Up to the Front Porch Eastbound 501 Going Through the Lights


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