Pandemic Photowalking in my favourite Toronto Neighbourhood.

 I've photographed my part of Oakville to death, in some ways that's a good thing because I can find beauty in my own backyard. However, at some point, I have to spread my wings. I've been meeting up with my friend and fellow Classic Camera Revival Co-Host John Meadows and other photographers we have a level of trust to go on socially distant photo walks in the Beaches in Toronto. Every weekend I've been in, it's nothing but blue skies. I've also been dusting off ORWO UN 54 and shooting that with renewed love. 

Photowalking in the Beaches, feels relatively safe compared to other parts of  Toronto. I"ve been mindful of which neighbourhoods are hot zones and double mask while walking along Queen St. I want to explore again, carefully, and double masked until I get my Covid 19 vaccine doses. In the mean time, I'm playing it safe. 

Camera: Nikon FM2n, Nikkor Ais 50 f1.4, Ais 28 F2.8 lens. 

Film: ORWO UN 54, ID-11 1+1. 

Looking Down Sarah Ashbridge in the Morning Satruday Morning in the Alleyway Walking by Sauvignon in the Morning Beaches Fire Station Saturday Morning Fast Moving Westbound 501 Breakwall in the Saturday Sun Love Flower Shop Street Art Project Really Empty on Queen St. East Getting Coffee at Bud's Saturday Morning at the Kew Beach Bandstad Fork in the Kew Garden Path Gardener's Cottage Saturday Morning Leuty Ave Shelter and Former Boathouse Group of Muskoka Chairs Local Dog Owners and Lifeguard Hut John Waiting Patiently_


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