Shooting with the Nikon F2AS and #FP4Party Part Two

 What's there to say about Ilford FP4, it's a classic cubic grained film that's been around forever beloved by photographers the world over and delivers results in any film developer you have. In my case it was Ilford's version of D76 ID-11 one part water on part stock solution which has been my go to of late.  I shot this over the course of two days, partly on a walk home from downtown Oakville and the harbour past my old high school long decommisioned and awaiting restoration and repurposing, and partly when my friend Dana and her daughter stopped by and we went down to Gairloch Gardens. I love what I got out of this roll, the unplanned expense of having to replace the DP-12 meter head was worth it. 

Camera: Nikon F2AS, Nikkor Ais 35 f2 lens, Ai 105 f2.5 lens. 

Film: Ilford FP4 125, ID-11 1+1. 

Convertable Boat April 2021 Orkeny Isle April 2021 Two Working Boats on the Water Kings Arms April 2021 Old OTHS April 2021 Old OTHS April 2021 Two Old OTHS April 2021 Three Old OTHS April 2021 Four Community Centre Parking Garage Former Farmhouse on Chartwell_ Pinewood Park Looking Toward Morrison Heights_ Running Into the Gairloch Rose Garden Gairloch Rose Garden Gairloch Gift Shop, Bridge and Fountain Gairloch Gallery in the Sun Gairloch Gallery South Side Gairloch Tree Stand by the Shore Path Cairncroft and HIllhurst in the Afternoon


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