Shooting with the Nikon F2AS and #FP4Party Part One

 If you have been following along I finally got my grail camera, the Nikon F2AS in crhrome, the last mechancial pro body Nikon made before the F3. My GAS for this rig was widely documented on Episode 75 of the Classic Camera Revival. I finally sent it off to my repair tech for a CLA this past March. Well, I got good news and bad news, my F2AS didn't need a CLA but the meter head couldn't be fixed because my tech didn't have the parts. I wound up buying a DP-12 meter head from Japan, $500 CAD and now the camera now lives. I get it, this was the best Nikon F2 of them all. Of course I have to try it out with a roll of Ilford FP4 just in time for the #FP4Party. 

Once a year the film photography community pays tribute to Ilford's medium speed classic FP4 125, a fine  cubic grained film that was their answer for Kodak's Plus X, sadly departed but maybe perhaps I don't know might return some day. My Nikon F2AS delivered every shot So many great shots I had to break it down into two posts. 

Camera: Nikon F2AS, Nikkor Ais 35 F2 lens. 

Film: Ilford FP4 125, ID-11 1+1. 

Nikon F2AS Cairncroft Modernism Behind the Trees Two Lawson Park Barn April 2021 Mercedes 280SL Mercedes 280SL Front Grille Crosing Lakeshore at Allan St William St. Historical Bungalow Former Furniture Store Clsoed Building Driving Around Downtown Oakville April 2021 Vacent Town Square April 2021


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