Part Two: The Wander Down and Back from the Other Neighbourhood Waterfront Refuge


Edgemere Promanade is not as well known as Gairloch and it's about a 15 min walk from my house in Southeast Oakville. The strip of land was severed when the Edgemere Estate was redeveloped into condo mansions 10 years ago. I'm glad the town played hardball with the developer, access  to the water is great for the soul, also an opportunity to walk along the bottom of Wedgewood Creek which is more a channel with stone walls each side. 

Eastman Double X changes personality when the sun is out becoming more crisper but still with a fine grain. This is nice film and it's coming up with me to Northern Muskoka this year. 

Camera: Asahi Pentax K2, SMC Pentax K 55 F1.7 lens. 

Film: Eastman Double X, ID-11 1+1. 

Cairncroft Curve in the Sun Modernist House at the Bottom of Cairncroft_ Path Ramp Down to Edgmere_ Wedgewood Creek Plank Crossover Wedgewood Creek Trench Looking North Wedgewood Creek Trench Looking South to the Lake_ Rock Outcrop At Edgemere _ Edgemere  Estates Back Entrance_ Flag on the Backyard Shore Wedgewood Trench Close Up Tacky McMansion on Lakeshore Cairncroft and HIllhurst-2


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