Off to Fergus with Friends


I haven't really shot around Fergus in ages, my friend Jean Pierre of 40+ years was in town for a visit and a group of old frriends from high school wanted to day trip so we went up to Fergus then Elora and had a blast. The camera choice this outing was one of my Olympus OM-1md's, the one with the wonky but not dead meter, I packed my Sekonic meter and ran with Eastman Double X black and white film. 

As motion picture stocks go, Eastman Double X is easy to shoot with like ORWO UN 54 and easy to process, if you can get D96, great, failing that D76/ID-11 or HC110 are the go to developers. I went with Ilfotec HC as I don't use HC110 anymore, and you know what. I love the results more than what I get out D76 or HC110. I shot at the native daylight 250 ISO and developed for seven minutes at 20c. The results you see below. 

Camera: Olympus OM-1md, Zuiko MC lenses. 

Film: Eastman Double X, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

Jean-Pierre Profile_ Door and Mail Boxes Knight Standing Guard Post Office Clock Tower Downtown Fergus Main Block Bridge Over the Grand River Gorge Melvile United Church and Tower St. South Story and a Half Front Porch Grand River Multi Level Observation Decks Rapids Under Highway 6 Steps Down to the Observation Deck Grand River Water Level Random Log Community Garden Decorations Beaver Sculpture One and Only Heritage Stone buildings On Highway 6 MacKenzie Lane tif Turning off Highway 6 Roof at the Corner of St. David and St. Andrew Vintage Ride on St. Andrew St


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